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There is a reason why Santorini is one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe. Are you ready for the Santorini itinerary?

From the white cave houses perched on the sparkling water to some of the most beautiful places to watch the sunset to delicious Greek food, it’s a dream destination, Greece !

While islands like Myconos are famous for their parties, Santorini has a much more relaxing air.

It is an amazing place for a romantic getaway and honeymoon. And it’s a wonderful place to savor adventure too! While you can easily indulge in the luxury, you can also travel to Greece on a budget. I’ll be honest Santorini is expensive.

 Here are some useful tips for traveling to the Greek islands!

I stayed in one of the most famous cities – Perissa – which was a fantastic base for exploring the island, free from too many tourists, close to the sea and cheaper than the North of the island.

And what better way to explore the island than with a Quad?

We have created different itineraries depending on the days we had available.

Not staying in Perissa? No problem! You can easily change the itinerary according to your starting point.

However, if you are just starting to plan your trip to Santorini , most people usually stay in Oia as it is the iconic postcard place but it is also the most expensive, and excessively crowded.

Panoramica dell’itinerario

  • Oia
  • Fira – Three bells, Skaros Rock
  • Santo Wines
  • Red Beach
  • Akrotiri
  • Black sand beach of Perissa
  • Return to Oia for the sunset
  • Caldera tour

How to rent a quad in Santorini

I won’t be the first to tell you that Oia is absolutely gorgeous. But if you stay exclusively in Oia you will miss a lot of Santorini. In my opinion, the best way to do this is to rent a Quad!

There are more than a handful of places to rent a Quad from around the island, so you’ll definitely have options.

Initially we rented two bicycles, but after less than 10 minutes we realized we had made a bad choice, Santorini is all up and down. Bad idea. We went back and changed the bikes for a Quad. We couldn’t have made a better choice.

The place we rented from was right next to the apartment where we lived, it cost 40 Euro per day.

There are several places all over the island of Santorini where you can rent from bicycles to quads to scooters to cars. So do your research and shop around.

Some hotels or residences take care of the rental process on your behalf, so it’s worth looking into them!

The license required to rent a vehicle


You may find conflicting or outdated information around the web, but if you want to rent a scooter or quad bike in Santorini (or anywhere in Greece) , you need a motorcycle license or the classic B license. There are no exceptions.

When it comes to safety

Make sure you pay attention and be aware of the roads, as you would if you were driving any other vehicle. There are several curved roads without guard rails, with crazy overhangs.

Many streets are not illuminated in Santorini and are totally deserted, so drive smart. Take turns firmly and “read the road signs”. In the photo above, the Quad was turned off in order to take a picture

Traffic in Santorini

The traffic of Santorini during rush hour is noticeable, so traveling with a Quad has made it easier to travel through traffic, and it has not made it difficult to find parking.

People are relaxed, no one honks, and everyone waits patiently. There are no hotheads on the street, even in the middle of traffic there is a relaxed air. Not bad Santorini.

Also, if you are caught not wearing a helmet, this could void your travel insurance and lead to heavy fines.

I realize that helmets are not the most fashionable thing to wear, but be sure to wear them for your own safety.

Choosing not to wear one is not worth the risk – I know a good number of people who have been seriously injured while traveling (whether it was their fault or not) because they weren’t wearing a helmet. So please wear one!


Oia is the northernmost city of the island of Santorini, it is simply wonderful, with its white and blue colors. Different levels that rise and fall of blue and white that come into contact with the blue of the sky and the blue of the sea. It cannot be absolutely missing in the itinerary of Santorini. Full of markets, adorable churches, spectacular scenery. There is no shortage of restaurants (even if they are the most expensive) being the most touristic city.


Fira (also spelled Thera or Thira) is the capital of Santorini.

In Fira, you can see the three bells of Fira.

Officially known as the Dormition Catholic Church, you may have already seen photos of this iconic church.

Its three beautiful bells and blue dome are frequent stops for the truly picturesque views for days on end.

Santo Wines

Continue our Santorini itinerary Santo Wines is a rather well-known stopping point. If wineries with epic views are your calling, don’t miss it!

It can be quite touristy, but you could stop here and have a wine tasting or a mid-morning snack (especially if you skipped breakfast in Fira … or are just making sure you taste all the local foods in Greece – you won’t blame!) .

Red Beach

We toured the entire southern tip of the island to Red Beach. If you make your way around the island counterclockwise, you can’t miss it. The road signs are quite obvious.

There is also a beach called White Beach that you can visit, but the real wonder is Red Beach, famous for its red cliffs.

We had planned to go and stay there for a while and ended up spending nearly two hours here. You can swim up to the rocks and it’s overall a nice place to explore.

Useful tip:

You will need to bring your own beach gadgets (towels and all) or choose to sit directly on the sand or rocks.


If you have time and are interested, stop at the Akrotiri archaeological site. While it can be quite touristy, where else will you explore ancient ruins in Greece?

Dating back to the Minoan era, Akrotiri was a Bronze Age settlement in the Cyclades that was destroyed by a volcanic eruption around the 16th century BC As the site was buried in volcanic ash (just like Pompeii) , much of it is preserved, so you will see things, from frescoes to works of art.

It has been said that this settlement may have inspired Plato’s story of Atlantis.

Perissa Black Beach

At Perissa Black Sand Beach. .. be prepared: the sand is VERY hot, so be careful.

There is much more beach infrastructure in Perissa than at Red Beach. In Perissa you can rent a deckchair, an umbrella, while at Red Beach you are practically alone.

Overall, Perissa is more comfortable if you want to spend most of your time on the beach. So if you want a real day at the beach, plan on spending time in Perissa for a better part of the day. All along the beach there are different types of restaurants, dining in front of the sea with the soft lights was wonderful and evocative.

Return to Oia for its plot

We drove back to Oia with no real agenda as virtually all major roads eventually lead back to Oia. Use this time to explore and find an epic sunset spot (Oia never disappoints) .

If you don’t stay in Oia, stay here 100% for the sunset and grab a bite.

Tour Caldera

One of the most beautiful tours, where you can explore the Caldera through a boat tour, touch the volcanic rocks and dive into the hot water at the base of the volcano. Explore the island of Thirasia and the history of ancient Santorini. All while enjoying a pleasant stay on a boat or catamaran, with lunch on board and unlimited drinks. Not bad Santorini.

Through Get you Guide you can find various offers depending on the tour you want to do and the budget you have available.

Our Itinerary for Santorini ends here, share with us your experiences and the places that have remained in your heart.

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