Su Giudeu (Chia – Domus de Maria)

We are located in the southernmost part of Sardinia, its main feature are the white sand dunes that extend throughout the beach. The sand is very soft, the rock of Su Giudeu extends further ahead, the famous islet located in front of the beach, about a hundred meters from the shore and easily reachable on foot when there is low tide. On the horizon it has two islets that can be explored on foot. The water is crystal clear, loved by everyone, especially divers.

Where is it : South-west part of Sardinia, province of Cagliari, Fraction of the Municipality of Domus Maria. It can be reached quickly by car from Cagliari in 1 hour. Bus line 129 connects all these locations.
Feature: White sand and crystal clear water.

Cala Goloritzè


Undoubtedly one of the most photographed beaches in Ogliastra , wedged between sea and mountains, declared an “Italian National Monument” , it is one of the pearls of the Mediterranean Sea thanks to the white pebbles-pebbles and the crystalline waters, transparent bottoms that characterize it and make it one in a kind. It remains a totally uncontaminated wild place therefore devoid of any service and comfort.

A decidedly challenging adventure awaits those who want to reach this paradise. It can be reached by boat or by land. Two routes are available, they start from the car park of On Porteddu the first (classic path ) is the simplest one length of 3.5 km that can be covered in 1 hour and 30 minutes is the most used route to reach the beach of Cala Goloritzè, the second, the path of the wild blue , 50 km of path that runs along the entire coast of Baunei between unique views is among the most beautiful in Europe.
Where is it : Central-east coast, province of Nuoro, municipality of Baunei, cannot be reached by car but only by sea or via two routes (see above). In the first case, the boats must be without engines when they are 300 meters from the shore.
Feature: White pebbles, breathtaking rocks and transparent seabed.

Cala Mariolu

We are located in the heart of the Gulf of Orosei is Cala Mariolu also known as Is Pulige de Nie (snow fleas). Characteristic name that derives from the very small white pebbles that recall the snow.
The only point accessible by land by trekking is Punta Ispuligi , once a pier for loading coal; the beach is generally reached by sea, the mooring assistance service managed by the “Costa di Baunei” product club is present in Cala Mariolu throughout the summer. Snorkeling enthusiasts will go crazy, the seabed is teeming with fish to swim with.
Where is it : Municipality of Baunei, central eastern coast, can be reached mainly by sea with boats leaving from Arbatax or Santa Maria Navarrese (time of 15/20 minutes). On foot you cover a 6 km stretch (about 3 hours) considered quite challenging.
Feature: Rocks for diving and snow-white pebbles, snorkeling.


And here we are, inside a cove overlooking a blue sea, the Turredda beach has a long stretch of fine white sand.

It is ideal for those who want to relax, spend a day at the beach and take a nice swim. Thanks to its conformation, the beach is sheltered from the mistral and the sea is almost always calm, perfect for long swims or snorkeling. The seabed is sandy and rich in marine fauna. It is possible to swim to an islet not far from the coast from which an ancient tower emerges.
Where is it : Part south west of the island, province of Cagliari, municipality of Teulada. It can be reached by car along the SS195 towards Pula, from Chia alternatively take bus 129 which takes 30 minutes.
Feature: White sand, sheltered from the mistral, sandy bottom and rich in marine fauna.

Pink beach of Budelli

The island of Budelli is a small island that is part of the archipelago of La Maddalena, reachable by sea from Maddalena, boasts 12 km of beautiful coastline ideal for those who love the sea and beaches.
The attraction of this archipelago is the Pink Beach of Budelli characterized by pink sand due to the presence of coral and shells, bathed by turquoise and transparent waters. Always privately owned, Budelli moved permanently to the national park in May 2016
Unfortunately, due to continuous vandalism , the direction of the Maddalena Park had to close the access and is therefore protected by landscape and environmental constraints , therefore it is only possible to see it from a distance from the boat, accompanied by the park guides, without anchoring or making the bathroom nor walk on the beach. The island is inhabited by a single person, who also makes it the keeper.

Why is the sand pink?

This is due to the fragments of a small microorganism called Miniacin miniacea .

This small single-celled living being lives among the posidonia that are located a short distance from the beach and when these microorganisms die the shells are dragged to the shore, breaking up thanks to the millenary action of the waves and various atmospheric agents.
Where is it : You can arrive by public or private boats that depart from Porto Palau , near Olbia, from the Costa Smeralda or from Maddalena, the nearest port to reach it (25 minutes by boat).
Feature: Pink Sand.

Costa Rei

Costa Rei , one of my absolute favorite beaches, the surrounding area is suggestive. The beauty of this area is enhanced by the profile of the Sette Fratelli mountain range. The beach extends for about 8.10 km, in front of the houses, and is easily accessible by car. For the most part, the Costa beach is free, for a small percentage it is served by some kiosks that offer small oases of refreshment and rent sunbeds and umbrellas.
Where is it: It is part of the Municipality of Muravera , in the province of Cagliari and can be reached along the coast road to Villasimius, continuing to Cala Sinzias, San Pietro, Sant, Elmo. Once in Sant’Elmo continue for another 4 km, you will find the long beach of Costa Rei on your right.
Feature: White / golden sand, emerald green water.

We respect beauty

Last but not least, in Sardinia it is forbidden to steal or take sand, stones and molluscs home as souvenirs, this would constitute a serious environmental problem . The Regional Council of Sardinia approved a text which states that “Anyone who removes, holds, even sells small quantities of sand, pebbles, stones or shells from the coast or the sea and in the absence of a regular authorization or concession issued by the competent authorities, is subject to a penalty ranging from five hundred to three thousand euros “.

These beaches are wonderful because the inhabitants of Sardinia have always respected them. Leave beauty as it is, don’t take away the pieces that make it unique.