Cagliari is a city to be discovered among castles and beaches. Cagliari is purely a summer destination, a seaside and relaxation destination, I myself advise you to prefer holidays in Cagliari in the months of June; July and September. August is perhaps too crowded, due to the holidays in between, too crowded, too many people, too crowded, too expensive, too much everything.

Getting around by car?

The first thing that comes to my advice (in case your summer stay includes moving from Cagliari city to Cagliari sea and out into the hinterland) is rent one car or for those arriving by ship, take it with you, as public transport has a little long waiting times, and it would not result in a relaxing holiday at all, plus if you want to indulge in more characteristic, more natural beaches, the car it will be your salvation. More information on how to get around Cagliari.

Stroll through the streets of Cagliari

The city of Cagliari is beautiful, with its climbs and its views overlooking the sea, from the port area to the castle area, you can easily walk the route without problems, enjoy the most IN (Via Manno and Via Garibaldi , totally pedestrian streets) to get to the most crowded downtown pizza (Yenne Square ). Corso Vittorio Emanuele starts from Piazza Yenne, a partly pedestrian area that hosts the most varied clubs and restaurants, you will be spoiled for choice.

But what to see exactly?


The Castle in Cagliari is the ancient area, built on a promontory, preserves the most important testimonies of the medieval age, especially from an architectural and historical-artistic point of view, it is still very inhabited, ancient, renovated and modern houses overlook the cliffs, the narrow characteristic streets that you can walk along they are wonderful, there are several strategic points where you can admire unparalleled views.

You can go up to the castle from different points, I prefer to start right from Piazza Yenne , you will find stairs beyond the square that will take you a short distance from the main entrance, the Torre dell Elefante , absolutely to visit, you will certainly be fascinated by the ancient gates that closed the walls of the past, now open to allow the circulation of vehicles and pedestrians. Defensive tower, designed by the Cagliari architect Giovanni Capula and built by the Pisans in 1307.


Full € 3.00
Reduced and groups over 15 people € 2.00

From the Elephant Tower onwards you enter the Cagliari atmosphere of the castle, narrow streets, characteristic houses, rooms, small doors, tiny windows and incredible views of the landscape. A few steps away the Cathedral of Cagliari “Metropolitan Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta in Cielo and of Santa Cecilia virgin and martyr” the Cathedral of Cagliari that looks at us from above, erect and majestic going forward you can find directions to get there.

From the Cathedral of Cagliari onwards, you arrive at the B astione di Saint Remy , it is one of the most important fortifications of Cagliari, located, in fact, in the Castello district.

The name derives from the first Piedmontese viceroy, Filippo-Guglielmo Pallavicini , baron of Saint Remy. Bastion famous not only for its structure and history, but also for the high number of suicides that were committed by jumping from its cornice. (Which is why they added transparent covers to raise the parapets). The space in the bastion is large, the promenade covered, the places in the terrace area are numerous, but beware of rip-offs, not all of them have quality food and drinks. To eat I recommend the trattorias along the Marina district (near the port to be clear), you will find suggestions on where to eat in Cagliari here.

Via Roma and Marina district

Via Roma is the most famous and main street that overlooks the Cagliaritano harbor, is full of shops of a certain caliber and the bars that occupy the arcades with tables and seats are just as “expensive” but like any main tourist street in every city, nothing special more nothing less.

The Marina district overlooks just beyond the Via Roma, you will recognize it without a shadow of a doubt from the very narrow streets and alleys that cross each other, different trattorias with tables in the middle of the streets, colors everywhere, the scent of food that can be felt along the streets, it is truly characteristic and eat seated at one of those tables it’s an experience to try, I am attaching the link with the best restaurants in the Marina district where you can eat really well, it really deserves.


Here we are finally arrived to talk about the Poetto, the main promenade of Cagliari that extends up to the city of Quartu Sant’Elena.

Getting to Poetto beach, as mentioned before, requires a bus transfer ( see here the link on how to get around Cagliari ) alternatively on foot (but the path is quite long) or by car. Taking accommodation near the beach would make your holiday much easier if you are aiming for a relaxing holiday.

Poetto di cagliari is lively, colorful and functional.

The services present work, every 5 meters a different kiosk, public toilets, public showers, bathing services with beds and deck chairs, and emergency rescue stations.

Bike paths, pedestrian paths and blind paths. The space is clean and respected. There is no tourist-economic fury, which destroys the natural atmosphere of the place. It seems to be in a Caribbean place, but the sea here is warmer and the sand whiter.

It is difficult to have such a well-kept sea near the city, but Cagliari offers all this. To reconfirm it again this year is the Blue Flag, awarded to Poetto as recognition for the best beach 2019. The Blue Flag award was born in 1987 , which was the European Year of the Environment . It is awarded in 73 countries around the world, with the main objective of promoting the sustainability of the territory, in particular in the coastal municipalities. In choosing the right beaches, various indications are taken into account, all of which can be summarized in a careful care of the environment. The certification assigned by the FEE therefore certifies the quality and sustainability of the Quartese territory. The Poetto di Quartu Sant’Elena extends from the border with Cagliari , where the beach continues, to the locality Foxi. Several kilometers of beach characterized by fine white sand, never affected by nourishment, surrounded by palm trees.

In short, a real paradise, if you are looking for a relaxing holiday and beautiful beaches, you will find it in Cagliari in Sardinia.

If you have any questions or curiosities, don’t hesitate to ask.

Good holiday everyone.