Introduction:Kyoto, one of Japan‘s most fascinating cities, is rich in historical sites, temples and gardens. To best explore this beautiful city, it is important to know the transportation options available. In this guide, I will provide information on how to move in Kyoto efficiently and conveniently, enabling you to make the most of your trip.

Tube and train

Kyoto’s subway network is relatively limited, but it covers the city’s main tourist attractions. The main lines are the Karasuma line and the Tozai line. In addition, Kyoto is well connected to Japan’s rail network, which will enable you to reach other destinations nearby.


Kyoto’s bus system is extensive and covers much of the city, including many tourist spots. Buses are one of the most convenient options for getting around Kyoto. Be sure to get a bus map and study the routes in advance to facilitate your travel experience.


Cabs are another transportation option available in Kyoto, especially if you prefer the convenience and flexibility of a private vehicle. Keep in mind that cabs in Japan can be expensive, so consider this option primarily for shorter trips or in situations of need.

Rent Bike

Kyoto is a flat city and very suitable for exploring by bicycle. There are numerous bicycle rental outlets in the city, and many hotels offer rental service to their guests as well. Biking in Kyoto will allow you to easily reach tourist attractions and enjoy a different perspective of the city.

By Walk

Kyoto is a city that can be pleasantly explored on foot. Many of the major tourist sites are concentrated in certain areas, such as the Higashiyama district. Walking will allow you to take a closer look at Kyoto’s traditional architecture, temples, and gardens.

Kyoto City Bus Pass

If you plan to use buses frequently to get around Kyoto, it may be convenient to purchase the Kyoto City Bus Pass. This pass allows you unlimited travel on city buses for one or more days, saving money and simplifying travel.

Getting around Kyoto is relatively easy thanks to the various transportation options available. From subways to buses, bicycles and cabs, you can choose the option that best suits your needs and itinerary.

Explore the city efficiently and discover the wonders of Kyoto with a well-organized transportation system.