A fundamental document for anyone who wants to stay in order in the UK is the NIN National Insurance Number.

Do you want to go to the UK for work or study and do not know how to get the NIN ?

In this article I will guide you step by step in applying for the National Insurance Number.

One of the first things to do once in England is to get a National Insurance Number . The Nin, it does not have a deadline, you will need it both to work and to study, it is a sort of tax code that allows you to work legally in UK. It is a number that enables registration with thetax office , the use of health services are also needed for pay pension contributions .

How to make an appointment

You have to make an appointment by phone, calling the number:

Phone: 0800 141 2075 (you can only call from the UK)

From Monday to Friday: 8am to 6pm

Official site: https://www.gov.uk/apply-national-insurance-number

( tip: if you are unfamiliar with the English language, call your friend or acquaintance who can answer the questions that will be asked without communication problems).

As mentioned before, there will be a sort of telephone interview of about 10-15 minutes in which you will be asked for personal information and the reason why you came to the UK. (other tip: saying that you are only going to stay a few months will not allow you to get the Nin, it is not released at all)

Questions that will be asked during the telephone interview

Name and surname;

Date of birth;

Date of arrival in the UK;

Why did you come to the UK?

Are you planning to stay in the UK for a long time?

UK residential address, with postcode;

Reason for which you are requesting the NIN (for example ” for work “);

Marital status;

English telephone number.

( Tip: write in a sheet the telephone spelling of all your personal data: name, surname, address, so as not to create errors in the communication of data, below you will find the English telephone spelling table.

to ei alpha ælfë
b bii good boy braa • vëu
c Yay Charlie chaali
d say delta some tea
And ii echo ekëu
f ef foxtrot foxtrot
g gii golf golf
h eich hotel hëut and l
the to the India Indië
j jei Juliet Juuliët
k kei kilo kilëu
L el File Liimë
m am Mike Maik
n en November Nëuv and mbë
or ëu Oscar Oskë
p pious Dad papë or pëp aa
q kyuu Quebec Kwëb and k
r aa Romeo Rëumiu
s ex sierra sierë
t tii tango tæñgëu
u yuu uniform yuunifoom
v vii Victor Viktë
w dab · l • yuu whiskey wiski
x former x-ray ex-rei
y wai Yankee yæñki
z zed Zulu

Alternatively the pdf: guided pronunciation

At the end of the call the telephone official will issue a reference number (make a note of it and keep it).

About two weeks after the phone call, you will receive a letter confirming the day of the appointment which usually takes place in the Job Center closest to you.

Documents to bring to the interview

Once on site, you will have to queue for a while (usually there are many people present), you will have to have with you:

  • Valid passport
  • Letter arrived at home to confirm the appointment or alternatively the reference number issued by the telephone attendant at the end of the previous call.
  • Proof of residence.

During the interview, more than anything else, the employee will view your documents and ask more or less the same questions raised by telephone (if you are not comfortable with the English language, you can be accompanied by an acquaintance or friend who can help you with the translation during the interview) .

After another two weeks or so, a letter with your NIN will arrive at your home.

Hope I was helpful, last thing, keep copies of your nin safe so they don’t get lost.

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