Here is a short post on how to get around Athens , the Metro service is intuitive and simple, the stops are perfect for any tourist stop. But … once you arrive at the Athens airport or the Port of Piraeus, how to reach the city center?

How to get to Athens from the airport:

Take the BLUE metro line towards Marina, from there you can stop at the Monastiraki stop (city center) or at Syntagma  (Main square).

The journey takes about 30 minutes and the cost of the ticket is 10.00 Euros.

How to get to Athens from the Port of Piraeus:

Take the GREEN metro line towards Kifisia, you can stop in Monastiraki (city center).

The journey will take about 10 minutes , and the price of the 90-minute ticket is 1.40 Euros .

The center of Athens has 3 metro lines , and getting around with it is quite practical, the lines are the Blue , the Green and the Red . (below the map of the Athens metro stops).

The 90-minute ticket costs 1.40 Euros .

The 24-hour ticket  costs 4.50 Euros.

The ticket for 5 days costs 9.00 Euros .

It is better to be careful both when you are inside the subway and inside the subway to carry your bags or backpacks forward, thefts are the order of the day, just give a little more attention.

Getting around by Taxi

Here, I will be very frank, be careful, not all taxi drivers are honest, not all are metered and above all it is difficult for them to take card payments so arm yourself with cash . Example: The stretch from  Monastiraki to my accommodation provided for a taxi cost of 5/7 Euros, some asked me for 17 Euros, others 15 Euros, obviously I discarded these  until you find the most honest one, then, first of all, before getting on a taxi, ask how much it will take as a guide for the route you will have to take, if you were to use the taximeter only as a reference, even better. As a rule, however, it does not cost that much to take a taxi, you just need to find honest people. Taxis are very numerous and quite frequent.

For any questions do not hesitate to write.