The title you have read is routine, the word Coronavirus is now part of our daily vocabulary.

What we are experiencing is an established reality that has slowly but forcefully crept into our lives, and has exploded, bringing the whole world to its knees.

The wars have subsided, the daily futilities leave the time they find, the whole world has its eyes on this cursed virus. Fear is widespread, in different forms it can be seen in every part of the world, but... what is fear?

Before, I was firmly convinced that I knew the meaning of the word fear , and I was convinced that I knew the state of mind that one feels, that one perceives. I was wrong .

Fear, real fear, I met almost four weeks ago.

Qualcosa non quadra

As you know, I live in London, in my articles I often talk about the European metropolis, I praise its qualities far and wide, I love this city.

I observed the evolution of the Italian situation from the beginning, every morning I connected and looked for as much news as possible, both from Italian sources and from English sources. I followed the maneuvers of the Italian government, happy and proud of how they were dealing with the situation, I was with them, I was cheering for them. I knew that the pandemic would arrive, sooner or later, even here, in London, but … still no news, silence on the Coronavirus situation in England, it was something remote that should not cause concern. It was late February. Italy was getting worse and London still had no sign of an epidemic ..(the cases could be found on the fingers of the hands). “Strange” I repeated to myself – “there is something here that is not clear”.

La spesa folle degli inglesi

Mid-February begins to develop a total assault on supermarkets, fury, alarm signal. The English people are beginning to be worried, in an excessive way the stocks of primary food goods are exhausted, entire shelves are emptied. The main assault product is currently toilet paper, a major concern of the English people if they are missing (it is to be understood they do not use the bidet) even before bread, pasta, rice, etc. etc. Finding something was really difficult, but I had observed the Italian situation, I was prepared, and I gradually proceeded to stock up on the typical essential goods even before the crazy assault. I had tried to calculate in advance what might have happened in a city as big as London if panic had shaken the English people, but … I had not foreseen the thing, the most important good: medicines , paracetamol … little huge detail that we will see later.

Notizie limitate

The information was really limited, during the months of January and February, I watched the English news, I read the news daily in the most relevant English portals and spoke and wrote very little of the situation that was emerging in Europe, they did not give, in my opinion, the importance they should have given to the facts. I watched people, they didn’t care about the potential risk that was coming.

While Italy was fighting, the English newspapers ignored the Italian problem as if it were far from them, as if such a problem could not tangle England. Could it be that their attitude was aimed at ” avoiding spreading panic? ” But what does it mean: avoid spreading panic? – ignore the problem? not talk about the problem? Are we really sure it’s the right key?

Immunità di gregge

I think that all those who have had the opportunity to find out about how other States have dealt with the Covid emergency, know what the title of this paragraph refers to.

British Prime Minister BoJo played down the problem and said that we should prepare to lose our loved ones and our bodies should develop antibodies, the British Prime Minister was focusing on natural selection. It was March 16th and I was furious, anyone who knows how to do 2 plus 2 would understand that if you don’t do something right away, London risks becoming the “city of the dead”, and if we all contract the virus at the same time, crowding hospitals as a consequence , for BoJo the place in the hospital is guaranteed, for important people too, for me, no.

But the British are too tied to the economy, we are numbers, numbers that may be superfluous, this side of London is perhaps what has always scared me a little on a small scale, as in every workplace you are just a small number thinking like this on a large scale is terrifying. Thus, BoJo delayed the lockdown of the city, the means continued to be very crowded, the streets were the same. At that time I assumed that I would have contracted the Corona Virus, by now I had become aware of it.

The risk of living in this city increased day by day, the British continued to ignore the problem. I could have returned to Italy, as many Italians I know did, but I would never have put my family in danger, I was already aware of being a potential risk. I continued to work until March 20, until the official Lockdown was declared the same evening. But it was too late, I had already contracted the virus and still didn’t know it.

L’impreparazione di Londra

The first impact with the reality of the facts and the situation of what was happening in London I had with the experience of my roommate, he had developed symptoms including; high fever, mild breathing difficulties, consequently he is taken to the hospital for a checkup, following the call for first aid, he remains about 2 and a half hours waiting outside with the ambulance staff, because in the hospital (Guy’s Hospital) did not want to allow physical access to the hospital to a possible individual with Coronavirus, they were not equipped with protections and were not prepared to welcome a person affected by the potential Virus. It was the 19th of March.

London hospitals were not ready for the Covid emergency on March 19th.

This made me open my eyes even more. Finally, (to conclude) once visited, he was sent home with the diagnosis of a simple flu, no swabs no tests were performed. You understand well (without having to explain) what is the seriousness of the situation in sending home a patient affected by Corona Virus with a diagnosis (without swab) of simple flu. At that point, do what they tell you. Nobody would doubt a medical opinion, we trusted. They did not care about the contagion that could follow, but they clearly confirmed simple flu. It wasn’t flu.

Impossibilità nel reperire medicine

As previously mentioned, I did not have the same long eye as far as medicines are concerned in predicting the assault on supermarkets.

The paracetamol in the shops and pharmacies was finished, they had run out of supplies, we are out of stock, we do not know where to find it. Exhaustion of stocks in: pharmacies, supermarkets, online, perfumeries. London has had a lot of time to prepare and be ready for this emergency, but they preferred not to see, they left citizens with no stock of paracetamol medicines . Nobody talked about it.

Esperienza personale

This is a brief summary of my personal experience:

I start with a fever too, after my roommate and for four days the high fever lasts for 4 days, my breath is short but I don’t mind the doctor said flu, maybe I contracted the same classic seasonal flu. On the fifth day the fever passes (fortunately) and makes room for the worst symptom ever experienced, respiratory failure, I had never experienced this sensation, it was as if I could not breathe enough air, maybe half of the air available, when it starts to be problematic for me, contact the ambulance.

After two hours of waiting on the line, I am able to speak to the switchboard who confirms that a doctor has been sent home. After a few minutes I am contacted by a doctor who begins a complete interview on my symptoms, he confirms by telephone that I have certainly contracted the Covid 19 Virus, I ask for help, I ask a doctor, I am denied. I am told on the phone that the situation is either getting worse or better, I can’t go to the hospital I can’t go to the doctor, but I have to stay at home.

He told me that someone would come only if I could no longer move and then breathe. I felt fear, the one that petrifies you and makes you feel helpless in front of a situation bigger than you. It was March 25, 5 days after the official Lockdown and in London the hospitals were already clogged. Could it be that a city like London was so unprepared and unresponsive and had underestimated the pandemic in this way?

I found myself alone, we found ourselves alone, away from everyone and our families, we were alone, in a city that would not protect us, did not want to protect us, would not save us, we reacted for what we could and we were strong.

It disappointed me. I am disappointed.

Chi fa realmente terrorismo

Hate, terrorism and racism do not arise or rather they do not arise from the contrast of ideas on where this virus really was born if in the laboratory and it developed naturally (simple example as there are so many) , if hatred arises from videos, that; objectively they show and talk about something that really happened, with the purpose of informing, hatred is present and rooted in those people from the beginning. Spreading information is not terrorism, censorship is terrorism.

Terrorism for me is not being able to find medicine and nobody talks about it, ignoring a deadly pandemic without preparing to save as many human beings as possible. This to me is terrorism.

Do not be afraid to read, to inform yourself, do it, do not believe everything you hear on TV or radio, virologist or scientist that they are, do not trust what these people say is not terrorism, create your own opinion, rationalize the facts, filter the facts with your head, filter the information on the radio TV, get informed, be aware of what is happening in the world. True terrorism is to cover one’s eyes and mouth and believe everything that we are forced to believe, terrorism is done by those who are unable to think alone but who behave like an automaton. The story was made by those who had a brain and used it, by those who were able to say, “things don’t add up here”, by those who were able to look at reality and face it.

Hai avuto il Corona Virus a Londra ? Sentiti libero di condividerlo con noi =)

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