How much do you use the supermarket in your daily life?

Supermarkets are indispensable for the purchase of food and daily necessities.
Of course, when you study abroad, or work abroad, the supermarket will always be a place to stop, and a sacred point of reference where you can always feel a little at home.

In this article, I will introduce some of the main supermarkets in London that I have had the opportunity to experiment with over time. There are various types of supermarkets, from the cheapest to the high-end supermarkets, so if you’re planning on going to study in the UK, or moving there, take a look.

London’s leading popular supermarket

There are many supermarkets in London, but this time I chose the one I have actually gone to most often since I moved here.


Speaking of London supermarkets, I have seen Tesco in various places, but in fact the UK has the highest share rate, and it is now a supermarket that has several stores in the UK.

Tesco features an impressive red and blue logo, has stores in various sizes from large to small,  and there are  also shops of convenient size . Every time I moved home, I always found a tesco in front of me, convenient for quick shopping, I don’t recommend tesco for big expenses, due to the limited and not always convenient choice.


I met this supermarket late, but in a short time it became one of my favorites, the products inside are of good quality, the quality-to-piece ratio is excellent also given by the variety of products available to choose from. Compared to tesco, the Asda supermarket is more accessible, making a nice, large shopping is possible without spending a fortune.

The Asda supermarket holds the third largest share in British supermarkets, it is characterized by being a branch  from Walmart , an American supermarket chain.

Like WalMart, which has many low-priced products, ASDA, which has “Save money. Live better” sells many reasonable products. You may be worried about finding a poor quality product given the cheapness of the product, but really, for how long  have used different products, I have not felt the difference with other supermarkets.

The asda shops are usually quite large, with a huge selection of groceries, daily necessities and even clothes and appliances2, so I can buy almost anything I want in my daily life.


Sainsbury’s has many large and small shops such as Tesco, as well as large shops in the suburbs and small shops in the center.

I have often bought the lunch because there was a wide choice of, bread, side dishes and salads.


“Morrisons” is a supermarket with the fourth largest share in the UK.  Originally in 6th place.

Morrisons are characterized from  low prices  And fresh foods such as you can find the  fish fresh for a low price, so this is a recommended supermarket for those who want to cook their own meals and save money. I also appreciate the fact that it handles clothing, appliances and daily necessities.

There is also a luxury supermarket

So far we have introduced supermarkets for some more or less relatively cheap. Basically, you can buy what you need in daily life.

On the other hand, there are some luxury supermarkets which are slightly different from the supermarkets mentioned above.


“Waitrose”  it’s a  high-class supermarket with the brand real  British of supplying.

There range is rich  of food of  high  quality and are  available  organic and private labels  .

Although it is a supermarket, I personally think it is close to using a department store. It might come in handy when looking for souvenirs.

Marks & Spencer:

“Marks & Spencer”  is a supermarket with the nickname M & S.

Created by two Polish Jews, Michael Marks and British Thomas Spencer, this supermarket has a story  from over 120 years  .

It is characterized by the fact that most of the products are private labels and a wide range of products such as groceries, side dishes, clothing, daily necessities and gift items are available. A small shop called “M&S Simply Food”.

For large shops, there are many tourists who flock to the city center such as “Marble Arch”, “Oxford Street” and “Covent Garden”, so it’s a good idea to visit the city.

While this supermarket is also an upscale location, it’s not always out of reach, so why not  use it when you want a little extra luxury ?

Range of products

If you actually use a supermarket locally, you will worry about the range of products, but you can basically buy almost anything you can buy in Italy.

If you plan to cook on your own, you may need classic Italian toppings and products. In that case, there are the classic Bangladeshi shops that sell Italian products.  However, be careful as the price is slightly higher.

Points to note

Finally, here are some points to keep in mind when using the supermarket.

Opening time

The first thing you need to be aware of is the opening hours of the store.

Many Italian supermarkets are open late at night, on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays. However, in the UK, the closing time is significantly earlier than  at the weekend  .  Sainsbury’s near my home was closed around 4pm on Sunday.

Check your business hours in advance and make sure you shop regularly so you don’t have to worry about weekends. Beers, wine and spirits cannot be bought after 11pm.

Enjoy the British supermarket!