We are so taken by the enthusiasm of wanting to leave, we really spend a lot of time looking for the place of our vacation, between destinations, hotels, flights. We can’t wait to indulge in what will be our time to unplug, but most of all we can’t wait to leave our routine behind and pause our problems, which most of the time we don’t consider that at all. that can determine the progress of our holiday: choose ours travel companion .

Il compagno di viaggio perfetto esiste ?

Of course it exists, but it should not be taken for granted, not everyone is compatible with character and according to our thoughts or priorities and vice versa. Leaving without premeditating it, going out with friends for a coffee and returning home with a round trip flight to a destination, there is, it is exciting, I assure you that taking these opportunities quickly makes us feel alive, it makes us feel again more free. But the risk of not pausing for a few seconds to think about whether those travel companions will be compatible with your way of traveling is paid for on vacation. Impetuousness has its price to pay.

In case the trip in question is a few days, but just two at the most, and we are tolerant in nature and it does not burden us too much to risk throwing away our projects to do something we do not want, tolerance reigns and the weekend is certainly bearable and fun, green light to smile and lightheartedness, the motto “the more the better” applies and the journey will be safe.

But if it were more days, or even fewer days but temperamentally less tolerant, I know it may seem strange … but we risk ruining our holiday.

Come gestire più persone

It is difficult to meet, manage a group of people and be able to do on vacation days what you really want and what you started for, but above all think: you have worked six long months, with sacrifices, putting money aside for your trip, for your week of freedom, you have your dream destination clear in mind and then …

  • not being able to go to the destination you dreamed of because you were in the minority in the vote, nobody wants to go there and democracy wins.
  • or if you are really lucky and you will go to the place you have dreamed of so much, you will not be able to do everything you really wanted.

There is little to do, when our travel companion does not have the same goals as ours, or you will be the one to drag (gnawing at your liver and maturing a lot of nervousness) or you will be dragged (totally powerless in being able to make decisions).

Come riconoscere un compagno di viaggio pessimo

We do not always correspond to each other but we can start our choice by totally discarding the group: negative, naughty, annoying and heavy people, would only increase our stress, ruining what beauty the trip offers, we will find ourselves in a condition uncomfortable from which it is difficult to get out and by dint of swallowing toads and glossing over the little things, we will explode crazy or we will ruin our liver … and the carefree of the agonized holiday will fail or we will even regret having left. Furthermore, let’s not forget that during a trip not everyone has the same aims and interests, so we could direct our choice to people who are more similar to us for passion.

We know that the types of people vary and consequently also the interests vary: art, excursions to the most suggestive places that the place offers; who is more interested in partying, making small hours and sleeping long; who is willing to walk hours and hours without complaining; who takes two steps and complains incessantly; who is for a low cost trip and who finally prefers luxury. An endless list could be drawn up on the types of people traveling, surely you will know other types, but analyze well and ask yourself if during your vacation it is with that person that you intend to spend your time and your holidays.

Quali saranno i rischi?

The risk is, in fact, ruining the whole holiday (as mentioned a few lines above), because the endurance has a limit, most of the time the traveling companions do not realize they are heavy, discontent, nervousness begin to arise , and then it explodes. Sadness begins to grow in us in having lost our dream week, we are disheartened for having thrown our savings on the ground, and not only, trampled and torn. We will have only a bad memory of the place, the choice of a travel companion is not to be underestimated absolutely.

Come scegliere il perfetto compagno di viaggio

To face a trip in company it is essential to have a character compatible with this type of adventures, if you do not want to be selective in choosing your travel companions, you can opt for a smile and overlook the quality of the trip just to stay in company and travel with someone ah … don’t forget to bring a box of Gaviscon with you. On the other hand, there are those who prefer to travel alone in order not to have to be at the mercy of others, those who prefer to rely only on themselves, be free to travel without having to make stakes or suffer stakes, and make their travel companion himself.

The perfect travel companion is the one ready to venture one hundred percent without fear of consequences and is predisposed to meet his friends, an alternation of interests ranging from the cultural to the gastronomic to the ignorant, a mix that brings everyone together, a mix of character and interests that makes everyone feel good.

If you are traveling right now and are wasting 50 percent of your energy to convince your mates, your friends, to do something interesting in the vacation spot, if you are losing enthusiasm, if you are tired of hearing people who complain about everything and everyone, if you are wishing to go home because you are already tired of the holiday you had dreamed of so much but which is not at all what you wanted, then, you are wrong travel companions.

The next time will be better.

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