When you’ve had a productive day, you feel energized and truly satisfied with yourself, but those days are often few and far between. Especially right now, we are in the second year of a global pandemic, and some countries like England are still in total lockdown, boredom, demoralization and lack of stimulation could take over our lives. Here are 7 tips to improve your productivity and make those days productive.

Plan your time well

Make a list of the tasks you need for that day and prioritize the most urgent and important ones. Checking items off your list will give you a real sense of accomplishment while also helping you keep track of your workload and plan new activities for the next day.

Find your rhythm

What time of day do you feel most productive? for some people this may be in the morning, while others prefer the afternoon. Find out what your most productive time is and use it to tackle the more complex tasks on your list.

Minimize distractions

Emails, inquiries from colleagues and cell phone notifications can really hurt your productivity. Minimize them by setting aside a designated time slot for replying to emails, or for using your cell phone. Learn to manage people’s expectations and reserve the use of mobile phones in your coffee breaks.

Find your focus

As an athlete visualizes their game plan, they visualize your day to develop concentration. Imagine in your mind what you want to see happen. This will help you take control of what you do. Reward yourself with breaks when you complete activities and keep your workspace clear to minimize distractions.

To be responsible

We all have to answer for our actions (or inactions) but, if you’re really struggling to get the job done, it may be helpful to share your goals with others. They can hold you accountable and motivate you when you start to lose focus.

Take a break

Taking regular breaks is absolutely essential to allow you to go about activities with a fresh and focused mind. Most of us can only focus for about 90-120 minutes at a time before we start feeling like we need to take a break. So listen to your body instead of trudging halfway through.

Your weekends are important

A change is as good as rest. Resting is also good, so take the time to relax. You deserve it and you will return to work with a lot more energy.

Final thought

Be aware of your work habits and change them if necessary. It doesn’t take long to make (almost) every day a fulfilling and productive day.

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