How do you communicate with destinations abroad? Here are my Must-haves for Travelers!.

Some people think “Ability to use English: learned!”, And some people say “I don’t speak English because I can communicate in Italian” and “I don’t care about learning English but I do something with gestures”, yes of course. ..of course…

But if you want to make traveling abroad many times more fun, I recommend that you speak English!

In this article, I will introduce five reasons why.

① La qualità del viaggio può essere migliorata.

Many people collect some information in advance to make the trip meaningful, so as not to miss anything, I fall into this category, advance plans for where to go, what to see, how to move, etc. etc. A quick glance at the destination details, highlights, local specialties and precautions will help you make the best trip and make the most of your limited days, without wasting time.

Of course, the first place to check is the Internet. And the most popular language on the internet is English.

Of all the information on the web, 34.1% is broadcast in English. The percentage of Italian information is 3.5% (as of January 2020).

If you can understand the information in English , the blank area will be filled.

languages used on the internet

② Connettiti con le persone.

When trying to talk to people from abroad, you may often speak English first, even though the most widely spoken language in the world is actually Chinese (around 920 million people).

Being the most populous country in the world, it’s not much of a surprise. The second most spoken language is Spanish (about 460 million) and the number of English natives is finally the third (with about 380 million).

However, the number of countries that use English as an official language are more than 80 countries around the world.

When you go abroad, there are not only local people but also people who are from other countries. Let’s take London for example, I live in a city where the people with whom I relate every day are only 10% of British origin and non, the remaining 90% all come from all over the world and the only means of communication, that connects me and them is precisely the English language.

③ Puoi ottenere preziose informazioni locali.

There are various situations in which one runs into having to ask for local information that is useful at the moment.

I am “real-time information” that kind of “Local information” which is difficult to find even on the internet, or that you need instantly such as a direction, information on popular local shops, hotels and restaurants, information on local events, etc., limited time information appearing on documents free local. If you understand the contents, we are sure that you will live a unique experience different from the usual tourist experience !!

There is also a risk that information on safety calls and urgent news will not be available in a timely manner if you do not understand English. Even if you don’t feel well, you can rest easy if you can explain your condition in your own words.

Being able to speak English is important not only for “fun travel” but also for “safe travel”.

④ Divertimento anche dopo la fine del viaggio.

If you meet interesting people on your trip you can easily stay connected with them even after the trip is over.

If you can speak English, you will be able to stay in touch not only during your trip, but perhaps for future trips as well.

⑤ Migliorata conoscenza dell’inglese!

Once you have decided on the dates of your trip abroad , you will suddenly become passionate about the English language and will no longer be able to do without it.

Even words and phrases that are difficult to remember once memorized will come naturally to you when you find yourself in the situation of having to use them. By communicating with other people, you can also learn many new expressions from the other person’s spoken English.

Plus, when you actually go abroad, you’ll find that people around the world speak English freely with a variety of pronunciations. It will be a valuable experience knowing that you can communicate well without having to focus on grammar.

The doors of the world will be open.

In Feel Easy Way

Whether you speak English or not, traveling abroad will allow you to have an extraordinary and fun experience. But do you understand why speaking English can make your trip more enjoyable?

Do you have any other must-haves for travelers to suggest?

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