When preparing for a trip to a conservative country, it is important to consider cultural norms and local expectations regarding clothing. Respecting the traditions and customs of the country you are visiting is essential to avoid embarrassing or disrespectful situations. In this article, I will provide helpful tips on what to pack for a trip to a conservative country so that you dress appropriately and respectfully for the local culture.

Dress modestly

Opt for dresses that cover the shoulders, knees and neckline. Avoid clothing that is too tight-fitting or see-through. Choose light, breathable clothing that allows you to adapt to local temperatures without compromising modesty.

Scarves or foulards

Bring light scarves or scarves that you can use to cover your shoulders or head, if necessary. This versatile accessory will help you meet modesty standards and can also be used as a sunscreen.

Pants or long skirts

In some conservative countries, it is preferable to avoid wearing short shorts or short skirts. Opt for long pants or skirts that reach below the knee. In this way, you will be respectful of the local culture and feel more comfortable while traveling.

Long-sleeved shirts or t-shirts

Wear long-sleeved T-shirts or shirts that cover the arms. Avoid shirts that are too low-cut or have potentially offensive or provocative writing or images.

Appropriate footwear

Choose comfortable, closed-toe footwear suitable for the activities you plan to do during the trip. Avoid overly casual sandals and flip-flops, especially if you plan to visit religious or formal places.


If you plan to swim in public pools or beaches, be sure to bring swimsuits that are appropriate for the local culture. Avoid swimsuits that are too small or provocative.

Respect for local culture

In addition to clothing, remember to respect local customs and traditions. Take note of the gestures of respect, norms of conduct and appropriate behavior in the country you are visiting.

When preparing for a trip to a conservative country, it is important to choose carefully what to pack to respect the local culture and expectations regarding clothing. Opt for modest clothes, covering the shoulders, knees and cleavage.

Bring along scarves or scarves, long pants or skirts, and appropriate footwear. Remember that respect for local culture goes beyond clothing and also includes adopting respectful behavior and local customs.

By respecting local traditions, you can enjoy your trip harmoniously and fully appreciate the culture and hospitality of the country you are visiting.

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