Singapore is the smallest country in Southeast Asia. However, the capital feels like entering a city of the future. Singapore is a great mix of architecture, green parks, overall one of the cleanest cities in the world. Discover the ultimate guide to Singapore in this article.

When planning your budget for your trip here, keep in mind that Singapore is one of the richest countries in the world. While you can find some bargains in Malaysia and Indonesia, Singapore is expensive, so expect to spend as you would in a major European city.

How to move

Download the Grab app to clear a service so you can move around. Grab is the equivalent of Uber, but for Asian countries. Very convenient and useful. Singapore is a small country, so getting around does not take much effort; it is well connected by buses and streetcars. I must say that I found it convenient and easy to move with grab.

Supertree Grove

The balance between nature and technology is made perfectly visible in these 18 artificial trees. Two trees are connected with a huge footbridge, but you can also stay down and relax or walk around.

The attraction that hooked me the most, you can see at 7:45 a.m. the Garden Rhapsody light show that makes everything even more beautiful than it already was. The daily show is free and starts around 7:45 a.m. until 8:45 a.m. It lasts about 15 minutes. Be sure to come a little early so you can have the most beautiful place with the best view!!!

Check out the program here.

Water show Marina Bay Sands

It is a choreography of singing fountains and projections shown on their sprays, so this is one of those great things to do in Singapore at night completely free! I was pleasantly surprised by the show, which moreover show that continues every day, so unmissable, lasts about 15 minutes.

For more information check the main website.


My best places are the food centers and street vendor stalls around China Town and Marina Bay. Be sure to try Singaporean specialties such as chicken rice, chili crab, and Laksa (a spicy noodle soup).

Chinatown in Singapore is a busy area that offers delicious street food, beautiful temples, and great shopping opportunities. There are not as many restaurants open at lunchtime because of the heat; most places to eat and drink open at around late afternoon. Singapore populates with traditional small restaurants where the food is delicious, I ate really well while spending little.

Happy hour

Reluctantly, only once I arrived in Singapore and consumed a cold beer did I realize that alchool is expensive. From 5 p.m. in bars almost all over the city you can take advantage of happy hour, your wallet will be less light. Basically, 5 p.m. is the time when the city fills up with poems and it starts to get cooler.

Nightlife in Singapore ends early; everything closes at 11 p.m.


You can find sim cards for connection at the airport or at any supermarket or 7/11.

If you notice that the cost is higher than neighboring countries such as Malaysia and Thailand, it is because life in Singapore is significantly more expensive.

Marina Bay Sands Rooftop

If you are in Singapore even for a day, all you have to do is climb one of its futuristic-looking skyscrapers and enjoy the city skyline!

The view is breathtaking and you can see all of Singapore from the boat suspended between the skyscrapers. The cost is a little high but it is worth it. Note well the cost of the ticket does not include use of the bar and skyline pool and overflow because it is reserved for hotel residents.

Sentosa Island

Sentosa is very popular but don’t expect the classic beauty of the eastern islands, it is all built up and there is little actually rural about it, but if you want to relax or have fun it is the one for you.

Palawan’s world-famous beach is a great retreat for families and is also home to the iconic suspension bridge that connects Palawan to the southernmost point in mainland Asia. Siloso Beach offers a myriad of water sports for thrill seekers and also nice restaurants with trendy music at night.

This is one of the most captivating things to do in Sentosa at night. Tanjong Beach is perfect not only for partygoers who flock to the Tanjong Beach Club, but also for those looking for a quiet evening by the sea.

Have good adventures in Singapore.