How to save to travel more? The most common question I get asked is:

How dare you travel so much ?”

Are you always traveling, do you earn a lot?

My answer is no!. I have a full-time job like everyone else, and my salary is not rich, I pay rent, bills, cars, I have the same daily expenses as everyone else, but my secret is in saving . If you wonder how it is possible to travel with a full-time job look here .

But not the kind of saving that leaves me stint and deprives me of daily happiness or a whim, but in freeing myself and doing without all those things that actually, I do not need.

What kind of savings are we talking about?

Every month I set myself some feasible savings goals, in order to reach the monthly amount to set aside to contribute to my next trip. They are daily savings , a cut of the superfluous that I do not really need, and which I can do without, but which day after day, euro after euro, allow me to amortize the cost of the trip, without having to immediately dispose of a sum. very high.

In this article, I’ll write simple ways to set achievable goals and save money to travel more!

Reconsider Expenses

Do you really need that new cover? Could you turn off the lights if you are not in the room? What if I unsubscribe from the gym and exercise outside? Do you have a habit of drinking coffee at the bar every morning? Nowadays there are such trendy and cute and practical thermos, we can save money and help the environment at the same time.

Sky, Netflix, Disney Plus, Mediaset premium , do you really need all these TV subscriptions? Maybe you could just keep one or two of these.

What other expense could you remove from your list?

The approximate monthly savings will be around: 50 Euros – 150 Euros.

And it’s not cheap.

You are as beautiful / beautiful as you are

Beauty services are expensive! Hairstyles, tanning, manicures, waxing … How much money could you save by opting for a simple hair treatment, or waxing yourself at home ?

Of course it takes time and patience, but as I often write in my articles, time is money and in the true sense of the word, because we could save enough.

As for beauty services: we have so many natural methods available in our homes that we can use for our skin, for our hair. Just open our pantry and have fun creating masks, natural scrubs for us.

Approximate monthly savings: from 50 euros to 200 euros.

Take care of your manicure

Again, beauty services are a luxury and can be quite expensive … Buy some color nail polish or color gel and take care of your nails.

Approximate monthly savings: from 40 Euros to 50 Euros.

Reinvent your wardrobe

Fashion trends repeat themselves, so dig deep into your closet and you’ll be sure to find something. I would suggest taking everything out of your closet, placing everything on the bed and really examining how many items you have. As you rearrange, you will likely find pieces that you forgot you have, that you never wear on time, or you will discover new ways to create combinations.

Bored of the same clothes?

Ask a friend to put together five dresses for you from your wardrobe. You will be surprised how someone else could always match the same clothes you wear differently. It’s like having a whole new wardrobe!

Approximate monthly savings: from 50 euros to 150 euros.

Sale does not mean shop

When you have to buy something specific you don’t have to go to a physical store or the official store, there are many tricks to buy what you need through promotional codes and discounted offers such as Honey , Groupon and Retail me no t. They will surprise you.

NOTE: DO NOT subscribe to their email service! Everything that serving a tempting mailbox for you every morning should be avoided. While they offer incredible discounts, it’s hard to resist something you absolutely DON’T need simply because it’s 50% off.

If you need a “shopping solution” for your sanity, I highly recommend that you sign up for a home beauty box or box service, Birchbox or Pipbox and many others work in England. At the price of 12 Pound per month and receive high quality beauty samples with a minimum value of 50 Pound, delivered to your home monthly It is exciting to open a beauty surprise box every month, you can try new products that are also useful for yours travel and you can save for your travels.

Approximate monthly savings: from 20 Euros to 50 Euros.

Dinner at home

Can’t you cook? It’s time to start studying and there are some fabulous cooking channels on YouTube. However, sometimes it can be more convenient to order take-out food, perhaps due to lack of time. Try to cook more in order to amortize the expenses. We deserve to go out for dinner but we don’t go overboard or it might be too expensive. We can take advantage of the discounts on Groupon to have a 5-star dinner and save money, T his portals exist, why not use them?

Approximate monthly savings: 100 Euros.

Stop the Social Expenses

I don’t suggest you stop your social life, but it’s time to make some changes. As mentioned in the previous point, going out for dinner is a luxury, but just use a few tricks to save money .

A new outfit for the weekend, going to the cinema, going out for dinner, one drink leads to another, taxi fare or uber …

Weekends can literally wipe out your savings in one fell swoop.

Consider inviting friends over for wine or homemade cocktails. Another idea is to research local “free activities” in your town and gather a group of friends for a fun day that won’t bleed you. Then a beer with friends is sacrosanct but without exceeding.

Approximate monthly savings: from 150 Euros to 200 Euros.

Prefer the Generic

One way to save on travel is to not fixate on the most famous brands for anything, but buying the generic is not bad either, they have the same properties only they are less well known. Buy the products with the expensive brand that you just can’t do without, and take the generic of the rest, they cost 5/8 Euros less but then in the end, it all adds up.

Approximate monthly savings: from 30 Euros to 40 Euros.

Sell what you don’t need

If you have something in good condition that you no longer need or you have found that it is collecting dust on the shelf, sell it.

You can use Ebay or Shpock.

I have often used Sphock , it is a useful system to find what you need and sell what you no longer use, it puts you in contact with local buyers without necessarily sending anything.

The Beauty of Credit Card Points

One of the biggest tricks is to take the right credit card and shop with it in order to accumulate points for your travels.

In Feel Easy Way:

  1. Reconsider your expenses
  2. Limit your beauty luxuries, home remedies are the best.
  3. Do your own manicure
  4. Get creative with your wardrobe
  5. Dine indoors
  6. Pay attention to social expenses
  7. Buy generic
  8. Sell what you don’t need
  9. Consolidate your savings.

If you want to save further you may be interested in this article and try to plan a wonderful holiday in your city .

At the end of the list we have set aside a nice nest egg. With these savings tips you can take the trip you want.