In this pandemic period, the people of the United Kingdom including myself can travel nationally for holidays. Which is more than good because we can concentrate on the beauties that the region in which we live offers. Such as Tewkesbury, a medieval town to be discovered.

England offers different types of holidays, from children to adults only, active holidays and relaxing holidays.

Scopriamo Tewkesbury

Today’s town is Tewkesbury, located in Glouchestershire in England.

Appearing small and medieval, you can take in the beautiful scenery by taking a stroll along the River Severn or a boat trip along the Avon.


Then head to Tewkesbury Abbey; an imposing feature of the city landscape for nearly 900 years. Renowned around the world for its beautiful Norman tower, ornate 12th century ceiling and stunning stained glass windows, the Abbey is one of Gloucestershire’s most popular tourist attractions, second only to Gloucester Cathedral.

The Abbey is just the beginning of your insight into Tewkesbury’s history which you can further explore through the town’s museums, Heritage Center, walking trails and other attractions.

Throughout the year Tewkesbury has a full calendar of events, celebrations and festivals to enjoy, including the famous Medieval Festival, the popular Food & Drink Festival and the Mop Fair.


Excellent destination to take a break from the wild city of London as it is about 2 hours by train.

Mostly I went to Tewkesbury to recharge my batteries and breathe new air and inspiration, so if you want to relax this is the place.

Storia e Curiosità

Tewkesbury has a rich heritage spanning over 1000 years. The architecture of the city reflects the many periods of prosperity of the city.

Alongside the medieval half-timbered houses are Tudor buildings, Georgian properties, and Victorian houses sitting side by side.

The city was once connected by a network of 90 alleys that intertwine in and out of narrow streets. There are still 30 that exist today that take their name from the prominent citizens of the area and the local businesses that have existed there.

Dominating the city skyline is Tewkesbury Abbey, with a Norman tower credited by many as one of the most beautiful in the world.

The abbey played a role in the Battle of Tewkesbury and other sites throughout the city, including Bloody Meadow and the statues of The Arrivall, mark the events that proved decisive in the War of the Roses in 1471.


There is no Uber service in the town of Tewkesbury. Taxi services belong to private companies that do not always work 24 hours a day. Being a tiny town, everything closes at certain times, including the taxi service. I do not recommend this destination for those who do not have their own or hired vehicles as taxis and uber are unavailable. If you really want to visit the town and you don’t have a vehicle, I recommend that you arrive at the station during the day, as perhaps you will have some chance of finding a taxi or at least walking.

Buona vacanza a tutti.

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