If you have any questions about how to get around Cagliari, this is the article for you.

Cagliari does not have a large traffic of taxis, they are also quite expensive. Uber is not available so to move for long distances the Bus is the obligatory choice or if you have either a means of transport or a driving license you can rent a car from car rent or bring your vehicle with you.

How to get from Cagliari airport to the city center

Train: destination Piazza Matteotti central station, travel time is more or less than 6 minutes , cost  of the ticket  1,30 Euro (one way)  you can buy it at the automatic train machines, you can find them  in the main entrance that gives to the airport arrivals or alternatively to the station. The frequency of trains is 1 train every 20 minutes approximately.

Taxi:  A “daytime” ride to the city center costs money between 15.00 and 20.00 Euros .

Car rent

If you intend to move and discover destinations outside the city of Cagliari, renting a car or arriving directly with yours is a good tip. You will have the opportunity to explore the most beautiful beaches and coves without problems, you will be totally independent, without subjecting to the timetables of public transport, and to make interesting trips in the interior, to discover a territory that is not very touristy but deserves to be explored in far and wide. If you are not convinced by the rental cars present at the airport, do not worry, you can find other rental cars directly in the city center.


The city of Cagliari is quite compact and you can move around on foot but if you want, public transport is available, here you can find all the information on the CTM Cagliari lines.

To buy tickets, you can enter any tobacconist, newsagent or directly into the automatic machines located in Piazza Matteotti. Drivers do not always sell tickets on board as they only have them while stocks last, they also do not give change, so you need to have the right amount in case they have one and above all they are allowed to sell them only at the stop of each terminus, not during the ride, but you can still try to ask the driver if you are desperate.

Cost of tickets:

One way ticket:  

Valid for 90 minutes from the time of validation and on the entire network, including line 9, excluding Metrocagliari.

Price: 1.30 Euro

12-race ticket:

The 12-ride ticket includes 12 rides, each valid for 90 minutes, on the entire network, including line 9, excluding Metrocagliari.

Price: 13.00 Euro

2-hour ticket:

The 2-hour ticket is valid for 2 hours  from the moment of validation and on the entire network, including line 9 and Metrocagliari .

Price: 2.00 Euro

Daily ticket:

The day ticket is valid for 24 hours from the time of validation on the entire network, inclusive  line 9 and Metrocagliari . Ideal for those who have to use several buses in a single day.

Price: 3.30 Euro

If you want to be freer and more independent and always have the “Bus situation” under control, you can download the application on your mobile CTM Bus Finder , where you will access all information relating to traffic and bus diversions in real time, bus arrival time at each stop and above all you can buy your ticket online and validate it once you get on your bus.

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