Norway, with its unspoiled nature and centuries-old traditions, offers unique and fascinating cuisine. Find out what to eat in Norway, between fresh seafood and reindeer meat dishes and the famous Norwegian salmon, the gastronomic offerings of this Nordic country will not disappoint food lovers. In this guide, we will explore some of the typical dishes you absolutely must try during your trip to Norway.

Norwegian salmon

Norwegian salmon is a joy to the palate and is available throughout the country. Coastal regions, such as Bergen and Stavanger, are famous for salmon fishing and farming. The best restaurants for savoring salmon include “Lysverket” in Bergen and “Fisketorget” in Stavanger. Here you can enjoy salmon in many forms, from simple smoked slices to complex gourmet preparations.

Renskjøtt (reindeer meat)

Reindeer meat is especially popular in the northern regions of Norway, such as Tromsø and Kirkenes. An outstanding place to try reindeer meat is the restaurant “Rorbua” in Tromsø, which serves Sami cuisine specialties. This meat is often served with cranberry sauces and mashed potatoes, creating a perfect balance of flavors.

Fårikål (lamb in cabbage sauce)

Fårikål is one of the most beloved traditional dishes in Norway. This is a lamb stew cooked with cabbage and spices. This warm and hearty dish is especially popular on cold Norwegian days and is often accompanied by boiled potatoes. The combination of flavors of cabbage, spices and lamb makes it a unique and tasty dish.

Whale Meat

Whale meat is a controversial Norwegian specialty. Although it has traditionally been consumed in parts of Norway, it is important to note that whaling and the trade in their meat has been the subject of international debate and regulation in recent years. Despite this, whale meat is sometimes offered as a signature dish in some Norwegian restaurants.

Klippfisk (dried codfish)

Klippfisk is a dish made from dried and salted cod. It is rehydrated and then cooked in various preparations, such as soups, stews or as a main dish. It is a highly valued delicacy in Norway and has a long and interesting history.

Rømmegrøt (Norwegian porridge)

Rømmegrøt is a creamy and rich Norwegian porridge prepared with sour cream, wheat flour, and butter. It is often served with cinnamon and sugar. It is a traditional dish that will warm you during cold winter days.

Svele (Norwegian pancake)

Revelas are thick, fluffy, pancake-like Norwegian pancakes. They are a treat to enjoy during a break or as a quick snack. The svelas can be served with various toppings, such as jam, sour cream, powdered sugar or even cheese. These pancakes are loved by young and old alike. Revelas are often sold at street food stalls and markets across the country, so seeking out local vendors is the best way to try them.

Moose meatballs

Moose meatballs are another Norwegian specialty that offers a taste of the unique flavor of moose meat. These succulent meatballs are often accompanied by sauces or can be served as an appetizer. Moose meat is lean and flavorful, making these patties a delicacy for adventurous palates. If you’re in Tromsø, don’t miss “Emma’s Drommekjokken,” where moose meatballs are a signature dish. This restaurant is known for its elk meat cuisine, expertly cooked and served with delicious sauces.

Norwegian waffles

Norwegian waffles, known as “vafler,” are a popular sweet treat. They are thick, fluffy and can be served with whipped cream, jam, fresh fruit or maple syrup. “Vaffelbua” in Lillehammer is an excellent place to enjoy outstanding Norwegian waffles. Here, waffles are served with a wide range of toppings, from classic jams to more creative versions, for a sweet Norwegian dining experience.

Norway offers a variety of delicious dishes that reflect its history, culture, and culinary traditions. From the deliciousness of Norwegian salmon to reindeer meat specialties and traditional dishes such as fårikål and rømmegrøt, every bite will take you on a journey of discovery to new flavors. Be sure to sample these dishes during your trip to Norway for an authentic and memorable dining experience.