travel expenses to avoid

Whether you’re on a tight budget while traveling or not, no one likes to waste their hard-earned money on avoidable travel expenses that can be avoided. After years of traveling, I’ve learned a thing or two, mostly by trial and error, that I’d like to share with you.

Here are my best travel budgets to avoid!

Tariffe ed extra delle compagnie aeree

More and more airlines charge for items, seat, food, extra baggage. Ask yourself a few questions at the time of booking; Is the place really that important? Do I really need extra baggage? (You can find tips on how to start light here ).

Save stress and hassle by organizing everything online before your trip. Before your flight, log into your itinerary on the airline’s website with your confirmation code and pre-purchase any extra items or services, you will pay less.


A one-of-a-kind souvenir is like a keepsake you can keep and take home with you.

You can often find yourself with a lot more than you expected (and more than can fit in your suitcase). When you shop, get an idea of what you are looking for: a special tea from London, a statuette from South Africa, a fan from Spain. This will help you focus. And to have a clearer view of your shopping while traveling. For example, I am a lover of magnets, in every place I visit I get a magnet for my mother, who currently owns the entire collection.

Keep your eyes peeled, even when you’re not actively shopping, in case you come across something truly unique. Then get it.

Addebiti telefonici e dati mobili

Using your phone abroad, if not configured correctly, can cost you a lot. As long as you have a wireless connection, you can use anyone abroad’s WiFi – mobile data is another story. Make sure you have a data roaming promotion that allows you to use mobile data even abroad. Sometimes you may find options that allow you to activate low-cost international data for a limited time.

Accedi sempre al WiFi quando è disponibile!


In many countries, coffee is an overpriced luxury. Avoid chains like Starbucks and Cafe Nero, Costa and try a local bartender. You will experience the real local taste, and not the coffee that you can also drink in your area.

Traveling can make you thirsty, you will probably find yourself spending too much on drinks: a glass of wine here, an overpriced coke there, and two more bottles of water than you actually need.

È una notte di festa? Goditi una birra con gli amici in camera o nella lounge dell’ostello prima di uscire per una serata a bere o ballare. Mentre sei fuori, prova qualche birra o liquore locale: di solito sono più economici delle importazioni come Heineken o Budweiser.

Commissione su carta e carta di credito

We recommend that you check with your bank for any international bank charges or direct card charges that may be applied during your trip before embarking. Many banks charge a percentage for each transaction and often more for ATM withdrawals.

While on the phone with the bank, provide the names of the countries on your itinerary – not notifying your bank about the trip could cause your cards to be blocked. And that would be a bad start to the holiday! It happened to me in Paris.

Alternatively, to stay safe or secure, you can use a prepaid card with non-existent exchange rates such as the Monzo card, practical and easy to use.

Commissioni di emergenza

Accidents happen and often when you least expect them. You could get sick with the stomach flu or twist your ankle while walking the Ramblas. In such cases, you will be grateful for travel insurance.

Purchase enough insurance to cover non-refundable costs and emergency medical bills. Look for a plan that covers you before you leave as well as while you travel.

Living in Europe we do not need large insurance because health is public. But in anticipation of a trip to another continent it is good to consider this option.

There is even travel insurance to cover specific types of travel – are you a photographer? Make sure your plan includes electronic theft or loss. Are you a fan of adventure sports? There are plans for you too.

Taking these expenses into account will help your budget while traveling. You will have control over your wallet so as not to overstep and not have surprises. You will have a stress-free holiday and you can have fun without worries.

Buon Viaggio