Many times we think that when we travel we need a thousand thousand objects and comfort, without even realizing the superfluous we carry it with us, making our burden heavy to carry, making it difficult to live the city because we are dragging the suitcase, which is fits in, does not go through it, it is heavy to lift up the stairs and to go up the subway. Are we sure that starting with everything that we believe comfort is really comfort?

It is a difficult concept to understand, or rather it is simple to understand but very difficult to put into practice. I’ve been there too and several times.

Having the backpack on your shoulder you will gain a lot of time, you will not get stressed and you will carry on your shoulders what you understand will be necessary or you will succumb under the weight of the backpack.

First of all, think about how many days of stay are foreseen, and regulate yourself in this regard.

Tip: make a list of things to take with you so that you have everything under control and don’t forget anything. Alternatively, you can find my Checklist here, which I use to start Travel Checklist

But …. what to put in the backpack?

First of all, what absolutely must not be missing are:

  • Passport (with hard copy)
  • Money / credit / debit cards
  • Battery charger
  • Various tickets and reservations
  • 2 plastic bags


A toothbrush is a must , with travel toothpaste, the 50ml or 75ml one , a bar of soap not only useful for personal hygiene but also to wash some clothes if necessary, it does not give problems to airport controls and there are all sizes and types. Bottle of shampoo and conditioner combined together, in order to reduce space, the 75 ml bottle is enough , I found this set handy, in which I could also put the liquid for the contact lenses Practical travel kit. Furthermore All-purpose wipes , always at hand and several packets of paper tissues scattered throughout the bag.

Tip : Liquids in this case, keep them in a separate transparent bag, in order to have it at hand for airport checks, and for safety if they were to get damaged they would not dirty the rest of the bag.


Medicines should not be underestimated, especially if you are in a foreign country where communication is difficult, having your own supply will make you more relaxed. In my case I always carry: gods Patches (without the box as it would take up too much), antihistamines, tachipirina (great for headaches and any other pain or fever); antidiarrheal (you never know when it will become essential to have it in your backpack); Gaviscon (excellent for after the big binges or for indigestible food); disinfectant wipes single use.

Collect the medicines in a bag, in order to have them in the bag but in an orderly manner and to be able to find them all immediately.

Girl Kit

More and more girls are going on an adventure, we have to consider other things that can make us feel comfortable, beautiful and ready for anything.

indispensable: sanitary napkins and tweezers

Also followed, brush, hair straightener (there are mini travel ones and take up very little space in the bag, travel straightener), hair ties.

Make up : eyeliner, concealer, powder and blush, and finally a cocoa butter (there are those that also give a more vivid color to the lips, it will seem to have a lipstick)

Liquids as mentioned before, place them in the same transparent bag, in order to keep all liquids separate from the rest of the travel kit backpack , The rest of the women’s kit can be stored in another separate bag to keep everything tidy.


As for electronic things, chargers must not be missing , and above all bring adapters of the place (if needed) could be really expensive in the places you go. To make a more practical choice and not buy several adapters, I bought one Universal useful for all destinations in the world, I found it on Amazon for a few Euros, Universal Adapter.

What to wear:

Here you will have to be as realistic as possible, the clothing is the part that will occupy the most space in the whole backpack, if your departure will be a few days it will be useless to bring 3 pairs of pants or 10 T-shirts.

Analyze the length of your stay, and take an undergarment for each day of your stay (if you need a change you can always wash it with the soap you brought).

As for t-shirts, sweaters and trousers, bring the ones that fit you most, or you will tend to use the same things over and over for convenience.

We must never take the climate of countries lightly. Leaving in a summer place will be much easier and there will be much more space for different items, in a cold place you will always need a sweater. However, I recommend bringing a sweatshirt or a sweater even in summer places, you never know what temperature it might be in the evening.

For girls: bring a practical dress suitable for more formal or worldly situations, and dancers as a result (they take up little space and adapt to formal situations).

To make your clothes fit better in your backpack, roll them up, both t-shirts, jeans or tracksuits, in order to obtain more space, also the possibility that they can be creased will be reduced.

You will find a practical chechlist to download, in this way you will keep under control the organization of your backpack.

Travel Checklist