Playa de Inglès is a very popular destination for all tourists from all over the world attracted by the tropical climate. One of the most beautiful holidays I have done was in Playa del Inglés on the island of Gran Canaria. Spectacular landscapes, sand dunes that meet the sea. A show.

But let’s start in order:


Do not weigh down your luggage because it is possible that you will make several purchases given the economy of the place and the variety of shops, all particular and characteristic.

Shopping malls

  • Plaza
  • Kasbah
  • Jumbo

In the same wonderful seafront Paseo Costa Canaria you can admire the panorama of the dunes and the sea, and at the same time buy: colorful souvenirs, leather goods, embroidery, sunglasses or electronic items.

Where to sleep

I stayed overnight in Playa de Ingles, a 5-minute walk from the sea, very comfortable and practical.The accommodations are more like apartments than simple hotel rooms, you could also opt for the latter, but I recommend the , apartment, since they have the same prices, the services are the same, and you have not only more space available, with a sitting room and a kitchen  to cook something if you are too tired to go out, or just to make yourself a coffee.

For those who are not fond of cold and not exactly crystalline water, make sure that your accommodation has access to the swimming pool, or look for an apartment complex that has a swimming pool, as the sea in Gran Canaria is not like ours, we are right in the ocean, which means a colder water temperature, and the sea water is not always very clean, having a swimming pool available to relax you will be much more pleasant to spend the days in the most hours hot and muggy.

How to move

By taking accommodation in Playa de Ingles you can move around on foot without any problems. I recommend the taxi, they are very cheap and there are so many available. Another idea is to rent a car, so you can move around the island without problems.

Places not to be missed

Maspalomas Dunes and Dunes of  Playa del Ingles

constitute a small  desert  of 25 km² located in the municipality of  San Bartolomé de Tirajana, close to between  Maspalomas  And  Playa del Inglés  on the island of  Gran Canaria, of which it occupies the southernmost part. You can reach the sea without problems directly from the dunes.


  • avoiding the dunes during the evening, when the sun is down, are not recommended.
  • avoid walking barefoot, it doesn’t seem like it but in the long run the hot sand can cause severe burns to your feet.

If you are nudist the Playa del Ingles beach is for you, you will find large expanses of people of all ages and sex naked all over the beach.

Maspalomas Lighthouse

The Maspalomas lighthouse is a lighthouse consisting of a gray conical tower, about 56 meters high. Very interesting is the view from the lighthouse and many nice little restaurants and shops .

Camel safari

Among the dunes of Maspalomas it is possible to ride a camel immersed in the sand dunes that will give an exotic touch to the holiday. Each camel has a seat for two people and the journey takes about 40 minutes. Depending on the time it is possible to find a lot of queues and therefore there may be some waiting. I recommend going early to avoid being thrown away for too long. It is not very comfortable and I had the feeling of falling at any moment, but a wonderful experience, crossing part of the desert on a camel while I caress it was beautiful.

Aquatic Activities

There are many aquatic activities to be practiced, and many companies that deal with these activities, we have turned to Aquasport  of Playa del Ingles. You can book online or directly on the spot where the activity takes place., I leave the link for their site here.

You can try

  • jet ski
  • paraseiling
  • banana
  • jet board
  • fly board

The prices are affordable and you can have packages with more activities inside.

What to eat

This is my favorite part, we have found many restaurants that have fully satisfied us. The fish is very fresh and you eat a fantastic paella. Mostly we stumbled upon fish and it never let us down. The prices are not very high, the food is good, abundant dishes with wine and water without spending an eye, also considering that the quality is fresh.  .