Katowice is a city in continuous development, has an ancient and conservative style and at the same time supports technological and modern development. There are several places to visit and the stay in Katowice is quite cheap, much more than in Krakow, and it is a stone’s throw from both the latter and Auswchizt.


Katowice-Aushwittz = 28 km ( bus-train-car )

Katowice-Krakow = 69 km ( bus-train-car )

stay in Katowice. Average price of a double room per night is between 25/45 Euros, being the Zloty, the Polish currency, You save a lot as it has a much lower currency than the Euro.

1 day:

  • City center , shopping in several huge and modern malls.
  • Katowice Cathedral is the main place of worship in the city.
  • Silesian Museum absolutely interesting, Very engaging the history of Silesia from its origins to the present times, different floors in which you are surrounded by images and sounds. The average price of the entrance ticket is 20/24 PLN.
  • Guitar History Museum if you are passionate about music you can’t miss it, not a huge museum, but fun and exciting, with all kinds of guitars from around the world. the cost of the ticket is about 50 PLN.
  • Grand Synagogue Katowice It can be found among the market stalls, history and monument of the Jews of Silesia.
  • Salt Mines : Katowice – Wieliczka Salt Mines> Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes by bus. The most amazing place ever. duration about 2/3 hours . The tour begins with a 64-meter descent along the stairs. The route winds through some underground chambers and lakes, shrines and salt monuments. The visit ends 135 meters underground. the ticket price is 89 PLN, but it is worth it all.

For the salt mines I recommend booking the tour in advance, as tickets tend to sell out very early, and you may not find it .

2nd day:

Katowice – Krakow> Approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes by bus. ticket price around 3 euros.

  • The historic center is intact and winds around the largest medieval square in Europe.
  • Carriage ride , fascinating, it seems to be in a dream, the price was 50 PLN , you can bargain because there is a lot of competition.
  • Krakow Castle (Wavel) huge castle located on the hill overlooking the city center, totally intact and well cared for, here the kings of the Kingdom lived and were crowned before the capital became Warsaw. you can visit the rooms of: the Royal Chapel, the Royal Treasury and the medieval armory.
  • Pope Wojtyla tour in Krakow

  • Czartoryski Museum Krakow Polish museum that boasts the custody of the “Lady with an Ermine” ticket price of around 10 PLN.
  • Piroghi: one of the typical Polish dishes, ravioli stuffed with cheese, meat, or mixed vegetables, there are all kinds and they are really delicious.

In two days it was possible to visit the major attractions that characterize Katowice and Krakow in Poland. Having had more time, I recommend that you always visit the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp directly from Katowice.

Katowice – Auschwitz-Birkenau camp> About 1 hour by bus, you can find several tours, price 38/40 PLN.