You don’t need to quit your full-time job to travel more than once a year. You also don’t need to sell your belongings in order to travel. You can organize the holidays available without neglecting any detail.

These are some real-life examples to help you travel , even if you have a full-time job .


Make the most of your vacation days

Many people in Italy have a limited number of days of vacation available and sometimes some of these are unpaid. However, we can use some precautions to be able to travel longer and more often:

Plan your trip on a national holiday:

You can use one of your vacation days (or two) to bridge the gap between the national holiday and the weekend you don’t work, that way you’ll have more days left for your trip.

Plan trips for the weekend:

Instead of sitting at home on the sofa watching TV series, book a flight out of town, or take the train, plan your weekend trip in advance so that you pay less. Sure staying at home will relax you after a full week of work, but if you want to travel a little sacrifice is a must.

Pay attention to the details:

To be attentive to the details I mean, keep in mind how long “for example” it will take to reach the final destination. If you have a few days, consider the destinations closest to you, so as not to use the time available only for travel, the holiday must be lived.

Ask for a sabbatical:

This option is not always taken into consideration, you could ask to have an unpaid period, if it is not more than a month your superiors should not have problems.

Get a credit card with travel rewards

A travel rewards credit card is one of the easiest ways to travel more often and with minimal effort. In the market there are several cards available with which you can earn on your purchases and the expenses you do daily.

Once you have accumulated enough points, you can cash it all in and buy the plane ticket to that destination you want so much, or if you prefer you can use your points to book a few nights in a dream hotel.

Explore your city

Some of us dream of being able to travel far and wide, distant, remote places, but rarely explore our own city, perhaps it is taken for granted. You don’t need to fly to Bali to experience an adventure.

Be a tourist in your city or in your own state, try to look at it from another perspective, from the tourist’s perspective, to find out more look here in the article “How to plan a vacation in your city “I explained point by point how to really feel like tourists at km 0.


Having a few days available, it is better to consider the time spent on the vehicles a lot, sometimes a more expensive but direct flight is worth more than a cheaper flight that will steal hours from our vacation. It is said that time is money, and it is true.

Business trips? Use it to travel if you have a full-time job

If you are lucky and travel often for work, take advantage of it !!! Instead of just seeing meeting rooms and the hotel room, add a day or two to your trip and explore the new city, there’s always something to discover. If you make your trip to the weekend coincide, you can have the weekend to be a tourist without having to use days off.

Travel offers

When I travel I am always looking for a good deal so advantageous offers. Many of us are on a tight budget to travel. So it was from the budget available that I understood where I could go.

The tracking tool I use the most is Google Flights and Skyscanner , they compare different flights, from the cheapest to the most expensive. If you want an application for your Smartphone, the right one could be Hopper, you can enter the information for your trip and wait for the price to drop.

In Feel Easy way

  • You don’t need to be a full time traveler to see the world
  • Even having a full time job you can travel often
  • With a little strategy, you can find time to travel.

If you have any advice for traveling with a full time job let me know here in the comments.