The Christmas atmosphere has two ways of being seen, or rather it has two perspectives, the perspective from the point of view of a child, the one for which everything is more beautiful, everything is more magical, people are more good and the lights of all colors shine in the city and warm your heart, Christmas trees everywhere, all different, of all colors of all heights, but all wonderful and magical, the socks to hang on the fireplace, Christmas sweets, and Christmas meals, the letter to write to Santa Claus, sometimes the snow, Christmas songs, Christmas shows, laughter, gifts, and the warmth of the people.

Well, all of this fails when it takes away the adult point of view, where:< i can’t believe it it’s christmas again> extreme organizations, the bright ones cost a fortune, you make up for those tarot but you know that at night you will have to unplug them if you do not want your house to catch fire, about the Christmas tree, you will resurrect the one from the year before and of the year before and the year before, it will be a bit plucked but you will tell yourself that it is vintage and has its own history, decorated with the balls and ribbons that you have dragged along for decades, it is crazy to buy a new tree every year.

Eee sorry? better people at Christmas? today they pushed me into the subway, at the supermarket a lady passed me a place in the checkout line and stepped on my foot, no adult around me smiled, the cashier in front of me was dressed as an elf: suit, hat and pointed ears, she was so pouting that she could have impersonated the Grinch without a problem. And let’s talk about dinner, dinner !!!! what do i do for dinner? what do I buy for Christmas dinner? where do I make Christmas dinner? Luckily there is google that finds solutions for everything, you will try to save money, focusing on simple things, and the time for gifts will come and between one thing and another, despite everything, you will spend a fortune, because Christmas is expensive, and when it approaches you would like to explode your childish desire to let yourself go, to do everything as it should be done, to let yourself be lulled by songs that bring you back to childhood and that give joy, to buy that Christmas sweater that you like so much without feeling in guilt, of rejoicing in front of people with a 32-tooth smile, without thinking that you are one of those who this year will not have the thirteenth and will have to do the math in his pocket, but the adult who is in you pull the reins and hold your wallet and account book in your hand.



Good expenses at all.