Sometimes we forget how much more important it is to accept ourselves than to be accepted, we take it for granted, because we are in the world, we live in the world and we don’t automatically think about it, but there are times when you feel you don’t belong anywhere, you ask yourself a thousand questions and try to understand where you belong, reflect on what you are doing, where you are going, what you really want to do, sooner or later we will all reach an age in which we do not feel part of any place, we sigh and try to convince us that we are part of the place where people are most dear to us, but we know in our hearts that this is not the case. For too long we say yes when we want to say no and say no when we want to say yes. We must be honest with ourselves and understand that our place does not necessarily correspond to the same place as the person we love. When we look at our life going on without really being part of it, we suffer from frustration, denial of feeling bad, dissatisfaction, internal suffering, not being happy with anything, ephemeral happiness and we want more, but we don’t know what. , realizing, with suffering, that we only want our place in the world, the one we think we deserve, the one in which we feel happy, the one that pushes us to fight in this chaotic world. So in the end I ask you, is the place where you are now, is it your place?

MP Feel Easy Way

Written by

Teresa P.

Ciao, mi chiamo Terri, nativa della Sardegna con base a Londra. Chi sono? Sono il solito clichè, ragazza sognatrice con la valigia piena di ottimismo e voglia di fare..
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Hi, my name is Terri, a native of Sardinia based in London. Who I am? I'm the usual cliché, dreamy girl with a suitcase full of optimism and desire to do ..
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