How to survive in London – the guide –

Here is the guide on how to survive London 2020.

So many times you have thought of leaving everything, packing your bags and moving. But … you don’t know where to start and how to move.

Not sure where to start with the job?

Not sure how to work legally in the UK?

Not sure how to create a bank account?

Not sure how to find a home and where to find a home?

For all those who are thinking of moving to London , or for those who have already moved and want to have all the possible tips at hand to survive in the London metropolis, you can help yourself with this Guide.
The guide contains all my personal experiences and tips that have helped me to settle legally in this city and helped me to face the world of work in London.
Obviously everything is personal, my advice is personal and dictated by the experiences, I tried to enclose all those tips from a friend that I would have liked to have too long ago when I arrived in London. And that no doubt they would have saved me a waste of time, trust and money.

This guide will be useful for you to analyze step by step how the City works, many tips to be able to move (juggle) at best without surprises.

You can purchase the Guide online through the Amazon portal, also available in e-book.

– How to survive in London on Amazon

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